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Back Yard Beekeepers Association

A club for the Hobbyist Beekeeper, based in Southwestern Connecticut

2024 Online Bee School

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Bee School provides aspiring beekeepers and those searching to learn more about honey bees and ways to support pollinators with the basics of beekeeping. Beekeepers in the early years of their beekeeping journey will also gain valuable insights from joining in on the lectures and getting the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals. Bee School covers everything from basic honey bee biology, safety issues, types of equipment, evolving roles of the worker bee, honeybee pests & diseases, and more. We offer Bee School as the first step in supporting new beekeepers. Our goal is to connect each “graduate” with a mentor, encourage participation in the club’s many workshops, and welcome the new members into our monthly “New Bee” Zoom discussions. We hope to see you at our monthly meetings which feature both regional and nationally known speakers on aspects of beekeeping. The BYBA is all about education and support. Bee School is one of the best first steps an aspiring beekeeper can take.

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Back Yard Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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